RC Collection
Stand Vibia Euroluce

RC Collection en el Stand Vibia Euroluce - Muebles de diseño por Blasco&Vila

Our new RC collection designed by Francesc Rifé has debuted at Euroluce in Milan, where several pieces equipped the stand of the Catalan lighting brand Vibia.

This space, dedicated to show all the novelties of this firm, was designed entirely by Rifé; the designer chose pieces of the RC line for the configuration of the central area, arranged for interviews and meetings, which included chairs – with and without arms, armchairs and sofas.

Noticeably the ergonomics is one of the most remarkable features of this collection, designed to work in social spaces, thanks to its sinuous forms, which brings extreme comfort creating warm, neat and serene environments. The Vibia stand was conceived by Rifé as a minimalist style museum that gave prominence to the company’s lamps, and found its perfect complement in the furniture of the RC collection.

2017_BYV_RC-en-milan-05 2017_BYV_RC-en-milan-03 2017_BYV_RC-en-milan-04

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