Zip Collection
National Australia Bank Offices

Collección Zip en Oficinas National Australia Bank - Muebles de diseño por Blasco&Vila
The Zip collection, armchair and 2 seater sofa, welcomes customers to the National Australia Bank in Hong Kong. Located in the reception, these pieces of maximum comfort make the wait much more pleasant.
Sofa Zip - Colección Zip - Muebles de diseño - Blasco&Vila

With a lightweight yet comfortable design, mid-height back, tailored arms, and zippered binding, Zip seating range is ideal for both residential and commercial spaces. Its round arms offer maximum comfort. With an engraved wooden base, Zip has been designed by edeestudio and is produced in different options: armchair, 2 seater and 3 seater sofa, which allow different layout alternatives according to the space.

Butaca Zip - Colección Zip - Muebles de diseño por Blasco&Vila
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