15.06.2016 MAY EVENTS

Palo Alto Market Fest
The first edition of Palo Market Fest in Valencia took place on the last week-end of May in the Viveros Gardens. More than 35.000 visitors enjoying lots of music, good vibes, design and food trucks.
InnDEA Valencia invited our friends from Housedoit, to share a booth with other technological start-ups. They exhibited our Zip armchair and complementary Coffee table from the same collection

Foro de Excelencia Empresarial de Ajev
B&V participated with Zip in the Entrepreneurial Excellence Forum organized by AJEV Valencia Young entrepreneurs association where Pilar Mateo, doctor in Chemical Sciences and awarded Professional Woman of the Year, according to the Spanish Federation of Managerial Women, Executives, Professionals and Businesswomen (Fedepe), brilliantly and passionately spoke about her path and projects.
Pilar Mateo sets the example for her social conscience and for her impulse to put research and science to the service of the neediest. The Inesfly paint arises among her different researches, as being the only paint in the world capable and patented to control the Chaga’s disease (transmitted by the sting of a bug called vinchuca in Bolivia which carry Tripanosoma cruzi)that suffer 25 million people and over 100 million are at risk.

Empaperart – Russafart
Paper is on-trend. More so if it is treated with the caress and the art of Empaperart, craftsmen of the paper capable of creating authentic art sculptures with the use of the Origami techniques. In Russafart’s last edition, an open day of the artistic spaces in Russafa’s neighborhood in Valencia, they conditioned their study and opened the doors for friends and strangers.
There, next to two impressive panthers, our armchair Zip, rewarded with a Golden A’Design Award and nominated to the German Design Awards 2016, was receiving the guests, strategically placed under a carton lamp. In addition, different artists like GreenArea, specialists in vertical gardens and plants decoration and illustrative artist Bélen Segarra showcased their artwork.


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