► B&V furnishes the Fine Arts Museum in Centro del Carmen


The Dolmen collection is now enhancing the galleries and exhibition rooms in the Fine Arts Museum in Centro del Carmen, one of the booming cultural centers located in an former gothic convent in the city center of Valencia, Spain.

After equipping the teaching and learning room in a first instance, the reference institution in the city for cultural events, asks B&V back to provide with adapting solutions for the various spaces and rooms of the museum including temporary exhibit  spaces, the Goerlich room, the Ferreres gallery, as well as the hall of residence,the refectory and buttress halls.

The modularity and easy adaptation of this furniture, designed by edeestudio, offers the visitors a cohesive seating in accordance to the aesthetics of the room, for its cozy and elegant presence. A haven of comfort inviting the visitor to fully observe and appreciate the paintings and sculptures in each exhibition space.

a los visitantes un asiento coherente con la estética de cada espacio, gracias a su presencia cálida y elegante. Un remanso de confort que invita a observar y reflexionar rodeados de cultura.

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