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Muebles RC en Restaurante de Ricard Camarena - Muebles de diseño por Blasco&Vila

Ricard Camarena Restaurant

Ricard Camarena names the RC collection designed by Francesc Rifé for Blasco&Vila. Sophisticated and with a minimalist structure, the seats of this collection bring all their comfort to the new Ricard Camarena Restaurant, located in the Bombas Gens factory in Valencia.

Clos Restaurant

The chairs and stools of this collection have also been chosen to equip the Clos Restaurant in Madrid. This restaurant “is created from the respect for the product, the passion for hospitality and the good taste for wine, by Marcos Granda and the Clos team”.

Taburetes de la colección RC en el restaurante de Ricard Camarena - Muebles de diseño por Blasco&Vila
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