New RC Easy Chair
by Francesc Rifé

Foto ambiente Easy Armchair de la Colección RC muebles de diseño por Blasco&Vila

In a short time the collection has grown to a great variety of formats: chair and stool —with and without arms—, sofa and armchair of two heights. All the typologies are connected through a language of ergonomic and wide shapes. Its main feature is a curved backrest that extends in the form of armrests and embraces the user.

Productos de la colección RC Wood - Muebles de diseño por Blasco&Vila

A design on which opposing interpretations pass: on the one hand, it is a chair designed to favour contemporary aesthetics in spaces. On the other hand, it is an intentionally simple piece that can be interpreted as a serene and timeless proposal. In none of the cases does it cease to be versatile, and easy to adapt to both the contract sector and the home.

Armchair de la colección RC Wood - Muebles de diseño por Blasco&Vila

Download HERE the technical and price information of the collection.

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