Francesc Rifé

He founded his studio in Barcelona in 1994, and his work is centred on the issues of spatial order and geometric proportions, with special attention to noble materials.
He manages a team of professionals from different areas of design, and his projects, both national and international, include interior design, industrial design, the creation of concepts and installations, as well as graphics and artistic direction.
Throughout his career, he has received numerous design awards such as the Contract World Awards, the Red Dot Award, the National Ephemeral Architecture Award, the Emporia Award, the ICFF Editors Award, the FAD
Award and several ASCER awards.

Stephanie Jasny

Born in Munich but based in Berlin, she is an industrial designer specialized in furniture and lighting who produces a functional, efficient, delicate and intelligent style, free from superfluous details, in all her creations.
She graduated in 2008 from the Universität der Künste (University of Arts) in Berlin, in 2010 she set up her studio, and she is now one of the new talents in German design. In fact, in 2012 she was awarded the German Design Award in the category of ‘Newcomer’. She has also been nominated twice for the IMM Cologne Innovation Award.


Is a creative company conceived as a design studio founded in 2003 by José Manuel Ferrero.
With creative talent and multidisciplinary character, we specialize in tailor-made projects of Interior Architecture, Creation of Short-lived Assemblies for installations and Product Design, all unique environments for visionary customers who seek the elegance of Bespoke (custom made elegance).
Simplicity, detail and timeless design make our products recognizable, closer to the client and easy for the consumer to use. We turn every project into a success story.
For all of these reasons, the quality of our work has been recognized in prestigious national and international awards.

Alegre Design

Alegre Design is an industrial design and product development studio based in Sueca, Valencia and has more than 15 years’ experience. They have been working for national and international furniture brands names for years. Alegre Design understands design as a global concept that not only includes the aesthetics of the product, but also provides long-term solutions that apply throughout the products’ lifespan. Their projects increase the company’s brand equity thanks to their originality, guarantee and performance.


Esther Albert and Eduardo Alcón are edeestudio, a design studio based in Valencia and established in late 2008.
Their job is to contribute innovative and original ideas, but also functional and aesthetic which comprehend all of the manufacturing processes of a project. From a multidisciplinary background and training, they work together in different fields: industrial, graphic, multimedia and interior design.