Portada - Casa RMC por Francesc Rifé Studio

RMC València House Project

This new project by Francesc Rifé for a single-family home in Valencia is a good example of the potential of design as a vehicle for transformation.

Imagen 1 - Casa RMC por Francesc Rifé Studio
Imagen 2 - Casa RMC por Francesc Rifé Studio

Embracing its former architecture to adapt to new times is the essential idea of the new proposal, while the horizontal expansion of lines seeks to improve the relationship of the building with its natural surroundings.

Project: Francesc Rifé
Photography: Javier Márquez
RC Wood chairs Blasco&Vila

A collection fully rational. A sophisticated body rests on a visible structure, interpreted as the minimalist element of the whole. With no superfluous details, RC Wood is made of solid ash wood, available in natural, bosco or black.

Imagen 3 - Casa RMC por Francesc Rifé Studio

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